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Is Vaping Good or Bad For You? Let’s Find Out

Vaping has been advocated by its users in the notion that it helps counter nicotine use and addiction in the long run. This is supported by the amount of nicotine in some vapes and e-cigarettes. It also looks stylish and most users usually vape in order to keep up with trends as vaporizers are common with celebrities.

However, studies and research have shown lowered tobacco consumption to those who started vaping. This is because the e-liquid in vaporizers contains mix amounts of nicotine and help users who want to stop smoking, and might be tempted to have less doses of nicotine hence they graduate to more fulfilling doses that are offered by vape or vapor.

But, there is a concern among health officials about the products used in the e-liquid. In addition, vaping involves smoking the aerosolized mixture of chemical substances in the e-liquid that move under the inhalation pressure to the lung and may cause breathing problems and cardiovascular complications, especially if nicotine is present.

Considering this health implications and risk, despite its advocation, lot people may say vaping is bad also it’s become vaping myths among people. However, vaping has its benefits to the user despite it being considered a vice

Pros to Vaping

Among its pros, as can be seen, are as follows:

  • Reduction in the recurrence of the unpleasant smell mostly associated with tobacco use. This is as a result of the occasionally included flavor.
  • Also, the user saves money by buying cigarette servings as most cigarette smokers buy more than one stick. With a vaporizer a cartridge will serve you for days hence will save you a lot of expenditure in the long run.
  • Also, a vaporizer can be customized to your preferred taste, shape and even the amount of smoke inhaled.
  • Until now there is no health concern from inhaling vapor.

Cons to Vaping

Among the disadvantages of vaping are:

  • Instances of dry mouth due to the smoke.
  • Expensive to purchase the e-cigarette kit.
  • Concern among health officials about e-juice.

In conclusion, vaping is a fast-rising trend and need to be educated for the health and safety of users and smokers.


Ex smokers, and now start vaping. I have always believed in different choices, and immediately I tried electronic cigarettes I realized the difference between the normal ones. My goal for this blog is to give people a clear picture or knowledge of the vaping myths that has spread far and wide, and i am open minded about everyone who pros and cons related to vaping.

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