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how to stop smoking

How to Stop Smoking Tobacco – Quit Smoking Guide Just Like That

Today people are well aware that smoking is one of the dangerous lifestyle habits that have only negative impacts on our health. No matter how you smoke the tobacco not only affects the lungs but the entire body. Contrary to the popular belief, smoking does not only cause cancer but has long-term effects on your entire body by damaging the body and other systems. Millions of people die each year suffering from smoking-related diseases. Yet people ignore the associated risks and continue with the habit. It is about time that one should understand the effects of smoking on the body and break away from the dependency on it. Quitting smoking cannot only be an overwhelming but a life-changing decision for many.

Why Stop Smoking?

There are plenty good reasons why should stop smoking, can smoking cancer is a reason could motivate you to quit? Not for me, my strong reason is my concern on how my smoking habits could affect to fertility issue, this is also increase my willpower to give up on smoking. When i decide to stop smoking, i make list of reason why should i stop smoking tobacco, everyone is different, one of my blog post for switching from smoking to vaping symptoms is one of my willpower how to stop smoking tobacco related product and decide to start vaping.

Creating Quit Smoking Plan

A little preparation can be helpful in the long run once you have decided to quit smoking. Planning in advance helps as you are less likely to lose momentum and also keeps you on the right track. My example for stop smoking plan can be designed as follows.

How I Quit Smoking?

There are no tried and tested ways that could help you in quitting the smoke. The methods might vary depending upon the individuals. Some of the methods that could be helpful in how to stop smoking are :

  1. Cold Turkey: This is one of the commonly used methods by people who wish to quit smoking. The method does not involve any outside aid and is completely dependent on the willpower of the individual. There is no outside support for any kind of medicines or therapy. It is not considered one of the successful methods as only about 5% to 7% of the people are able to quit.
  2. Drugs and Medication: Some of the methods included in the category include the famous nicotine replacement therapies or using smoking cessation medication which is non-nicotine. The later includes medications like Bupropion and Varenicline that can aid in quitting smoking. The medications are nicotine free and non-habit forming.
  3. Behavioral Therapy: The process involves consultations with a therapist who would help to identify the triggers and also make plans to tackle the cravings. They also help you in dealing with the stress and anxiety of the transition phase.
  4. Quitting smoking with
    vapor cigarettes:
    These make the transition phase less stressful for a smoker. They contain e-liquids with differing content of nicotine that gets vaporized by the heating coil inside.

Is Quitting Smoking Hard?

Once you are ready to kick-start the quit smoking journey it is almost half the battle won. But as it might seem the journey is not simple. It is important to choose the best way to quit that might work for you.

Is Quitting smoking with vapor cigarettes more effective as NRT?

The fact that quitting smoking with vapor cigarettes is not regulated by FDA, yet i still choose Vape product as my exit journey for stop smoking cigarettes. Vaping refers to the act of inhaling vapors produced by an electronic cigarette. It is considered as a healthier alternative to smoking. Unlike smoking replacing cigarettes with vaping does not involve combustion of tobacco. Hence you are not at the risk of inhaling other associated chemicals. There are only fewer chemicals found in vapor in comparison to the cigarette smoke. It is known proven that vaping does not lead to an increase in the levels of carbon monoxide in the body. Swapping cigarettes for a vape increase the body’s ability to carry oxygen.

Replacing cigarettes with vaping makes it much easier to breathe as it does not clog your lungs like smoke. The coughing and wheezing are also greatly reduced when you switch to vape. Use of vapes also puts you at a lower risk of heart attacks and strokes as you are less susceptible to blood clots. Since vaping does not cause significant damage to the lungs the risk of lung cancer is also reduced. Vaping is also of immense benefit to the family as the risk of second-hand smoke is greatly reduced. Smokers who quit using vapor cigarette are more likely to quit smoking in comparison to those who quit without vaping.

Dealing with the Relapse

Quitting smoking requires willpower and it is okay if you fail in the first attempt. However, it is important you learn to deal with the relapse in a positive way. Let the slip be a motivation for you to try harder. Do not let a slip turn into a permanent failure. Throw the cigarettes and try getting back on track at the earliest. Find what triggered you to smoke. This would be instrumental in coping up with the issue the next time it crops up. Maintaining a quit log would help as when you slip looking back at it would make you feel good. The last alternative would be to call your doctor for help. They could prescribe medications that could help you quit the habit. Family support plays an important role in dealing with relapse. Encouragement and support from the family would help cope with the stress of quitting and kick the habit for good.


Ex smokers, and now start vaping. I have always believed in different choices, and immediately I tried electronic cigarettes I realized the difference between the normal ones. My goal for this blog is to give people a clear picture or knowledge of the vaping myths that has spread far and wide, and i am open minded about everyone who pros and cons related to vaping.