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I am here to Help you quit Smoking and Start Vaping!

Welcome to My name is Ryan, the founder of Vaping Myth a place where I post blog on anything related to vaping, also known as e-cigarette, electronic cigarette or vaporizer. Former smoker and i have personally been involved in regular vaping for about three years now. With me, you will find the motivation, ideas and techniques that I have gained from my own experience. What you will find on is powerful information on smoking, how to quit smoking and move to e-cigarettes and why you should do it and so much more.

My blog aims to educate, and it is not related to any sales of vaporizers or electronic cigarettes. Many people have been asking me whether vaping, or e-cigarette is safe to use, and for sure I can tell you that the benefits outweigh any negatives. Being a user, I have realized that there are so many benefits. As I teach on all you need to know about the use of e-cigarettes or vaporizers, I will also inform you of the best and the safest accessories to use in the market today.

Remember “Vaping is not smoking”

I focus on what is best for my reader because I have firsthand seen that out there is a clutter of junk and negative information. Note that everything you read on my blog is based on my present and past knowledge. I prefer providing my audience with a very practical review of what is on the market and any current innovation out there. In this blog you might find that i want to influence people to try vaping, because i am regular e-cig user.

I am trying to stay balanced to people who wants to Quit Smoking and Stay Nicotine Free.

What I have come to realize is that the electronic cigarettes do not harm you or even discolor your teeth, the after smelling of normal cigarettes is long gone. I actually enjoy them a lot because I know that I am safe and so the worry of side effects is not there. I extensively look into things and cannot talk about something that I am not sure of. You and me are on this journey together, and we will walk hand in hand as I support you with full knowledge and understanding.  I aim to make you look in the mirror and smile.

How can i help you?

You should also expect fun things to read on my blog about various things that happen around the world. People around me say that it is like I have an obsession with these products because of how much they are a lifesaver for former smoker like me. The best thing about me is that you can pose questions on my blog in case you need any help, and I am readily available to answer you any time of the day.